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Having run my business for over 9 years I know what the struggle is to continue to grow and also grow your skill set helping beautify women has been one of my goals while also teaching other artists to implement a professional skill set that can be built upon and thus help women feel beautiful and confident. as a single mom I know that you can't waste time or resources so I've devoted along a large part of my career to be able to make this as easy as possible for other lash artists to invest in themselves and in their clientele and in their business whether you're working from home have a brick-and-mortar I'm here to help you elevate your  artistry elevate your service experience and elevate your life. because I know firsthand that you can't show up as your best self if you don't feel and look your best so come on this journey with me and it's all elevate



LASH ART BROW PRO is a company that was born out of a journey filled with love, resilience, and self-discovery


I knew that in the darkest moments, there is an opportunity for rebuilding and eventually shining even brighter. With the unwavering support of my mother and sisters, and the shining presence of my father watching over me, I discarded the notion of being a victim and embraced my destiny for greatness.


As an esthetic student, I explored various paths, including skincare, waxing, make-up, and the emerging trend of eyelash extensions.


Armed with the knowledge, talent, and inspiration bestowed upon me by my mentors, I embarked on the journey of building my own lash empire. LAB Pro was born out of a deep desire to create, connect, inspire, and uplift others. Surrounded by a community of independent creators, I drew inspiration from friends and family and poured my heart into my business.


The road to success has not been easy. It has required immense passion and countless sleepless nights. Even during my pregnancy and now as a mother, with a seven-year-old daughter and a stepson, I continue to balance motherhood and business ownership. But I wouldn't have it any other way. When I'm lashing, I am in my element, working with my hands and solving the puzzle of creating the perfect look for each client. The joy and excitement my clients experience when they see their new lashes is what motivates me. I've built strong relationships with my clients, and through our interactions, their stories unfold.


I encourage everyone to live passionately and pursue their dreams. LAB Pro is a testament to the power of self discovery, resilience, and the pursuit of one's true calling. I knew that in the darkest moments, there is an opportunity for rebuilding and eventually shining even brighter.